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How Dangerous Are Certain Drugs and How Do They Compare to Others?

At American Youth Against Drugs, we’re often asked about the severity of certain drugs and why some are more dangerous than others. Where some narcotics will be made using natural components (consider cannabis), others will rely on entirely chemical compositions – and it’s these ones that can pose the greatest threat to health and well-being.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular drugs, how dangerous they should be considered and why we are so against drug use


This drug is one of the most popular in the world and as its use is consistently on the increase within the USA, Australia and Europe; many authorities are struggling to keep on top of its distribution. Many people consider the herb fairly minimal in nature, although with consistent use it has been known to lead to paranoia, brain cell mutation and mental illness.


This type of narcotic is very dangerous and should never be used in any way, shape, or form. Although expensive, many teenagers and adolescents are finding themselves taking part in frequent ingestion – but due to the reactive properties of the chemicals contained within the drug, even one use can result in fatal consequences. In most cases, the drug will also contain toxic chemicals from products that can be purchased over the counter. When combined, they can create a concoction of toxicity that can have very bad effects on the human body.


Possibly the most notorious drug in the world is heroin – a narcotic capable of turning even the most fortunate people into unhealthy drug addicts. The narcotic typically comes in a solid block of chemicals (all of which can be dangerous on their own). The block will be crushed and melted before use and once it turns into liquid, it can be injected via needle into various parts of the body. As you might imagine, not only is there a huge risk of using contaminated needles; there’s also the fact that the toxic chemicals within the drug can result in heart failure, blood disease and a host of other life-threatening conditions.


This type of drug originally made itself known within the party-scene, with young adults often being exposed to the narcotic as a way of receiving a feeling of being ‘high’. The reactant properties of the drug, as well as their effect on the brain, can lead to immediate blood clotting – and in extreme cases, can be fatal. This drug is best avoided at all costs, but with sellers relying on ever-more appealing designs for these tablets many can look friendly, whilst packing a powerhouse of toxicity that can quickly take its toll on the body.

These are just a selection of the most prominent drugs and their danger levels. It’s best to avoid each and every one of them, as none of them offer any long term benefits; instead they can be dangerous and potentially fatal.