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Four Tips to Stay Clean and Clear of Drugs After Rehab

At American Youth Against Drugs, we make it our mission to ensure that those under our care receive the highest levels of support when it comes to their drug recovery. We might be young, but boy do we understand just how detrimental drug abuse can be. That’s why we’re against drug use no matter the severity of the narcotic – but it’s not all about telling people how to get over their addiction; sometimes aftercare can go a long way in helping sufferers to stay clean and sober.

Some rehab centres will share their aftercare tips with people, while others will charge for this type of support – but at AYAD, we want to help to ensure that addicts have access to this type of information without having to pay for it. We’ve put together four tips to help those in need and as each of them are supported by official drug rehabilitation centres, we have no doubt about their potency.

Consider your environment

If you’re living in an area surrounded by narcotics, then the last thing that you’ll want to do is to put yourself in a position where you’ll slip back into bad habits. It might not be easy to pack up and move – but it is well worth considering your options as far as getting away is concerned. Perhaps you have family that you can stay with elsewhere, or maybe you could turn to a local drug rehab centre to help you to find somewhere more beneficial to live.

Keep yourself busy

If you have plenty of free time you’ll be a lot more likely to make space for drugs, or find yourself getting bored and turning back to them. Keeping busy is a great way to stimulate your mind and whether you apply for a new job and get started on it soon after, or if you take part in a brand new hobby; the busier you are, the more likely you will be to stay off drugs.

Say goodbye to undesirable situations

Some people, especially youths, find that peer pressure is what led them to using drugs in the first place. If you’re surrounded by people that are still taking drugs; then make the decision for yourself to walk away from them. Exposing yourself to those abusing narcotics will make you several times more likely to fall back into unwanted habits.

Keep your recovery in mind

Whatever you are doing, wherever you live and however your recovery is going – don’t forget why you are doing it. You could easily slip back into your previous addiction and that’s the last thing that you will want. Instead of allowing this to happen, make a point of reminding yourself about what’s important and what isn’t. Keep your mind-set focused on what’s ahead and avoid brushing shoulders with any environment relating to drug use. Before too long, you’ll be completely free from the temptation.

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